Custom Garages

Metal buildings designed specifically for what YOU need


  • 14 Gauge Galvanized Steel Tubing
  • Highly Rust Resistant
  • Galvanized Hot Dipped Screws
  • 29 Gauge Hot Rolled Steel R Panels, Primed and Painted
  • Welded Frame Union
  • 1/2 Rebar Spikes
  • 2″ Galvanized Corner Bracing
  • High Wind Anchors
  • Highly Skilled & Motivated Installers
  • Insulation Available 
  • Vertical or Horizontal Side Panels


Vertical Side Panels

Vertical siding has tubular framing in between the legs and uprights that doubles as support for the sheets and also adds support for the building. Upgrading to vertical side panels creates a crosshatching pattern with the steel and increases the stability of the building while also ups the wind rating to 170 mph.

Horizontal Side Panels

Horizontal panels are run from the front to the back and left to right on the ends. Vertical tubular framing runs from the top of the legs to the bottom. Horizontal side panels will give the building a strong wind rating of 150 mph.

Completely Customizable!

Full Turn-key available in Florida


We do Concrete and Pull Permits

Let us Take Care of Everything!!



Opt in for Insulating! 

Insulating metal buildings will ensure the comfort, safety, and longevity of the structure. In Florida’s fluctuating climate, metal and aluminum buildings can easily sweat and accumulate moisture, leading to a number of problems. Proper insulation regulates temperature, prevents moisture buildup, and reduces energy costs. Shed4less will help equip our clients to help withstand the unique challenges of Florida’s climate.


Our Team here at Shed4less is focused and well equipped to meet all your Garage building needs. Our company has the experience and qualifications as a Florida State Residential Contractor to offer our customers a “Turn Key” experience. We have sales associates with great experience at fact finding to suit our customer needs to the fullest. We have reliable and dependable permitting associates to gather all needed documentation to satisfy your local permitting needs. We have licensed and Insured Form and Finish Concrete Installers to provide your Garage with a great foundation! We Erect the highest quality Steel building in Florida to meet or exceed all State and Local Building Codes. Thank you in advance for joining our thousands of other satisfied customers!


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