Three Reasons She Sheds Are Better Than Home Additions

Have you wondered why so many people are talking about Cheryl and her She Shed? The new commercial from State Farm Insurance shows a woman (Cheryl) who’s clearly upset that her She Shed is on fire.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing one of our finished She Sheds, you’d understand why Cheryl is so upset. Cheryl may have lost her art room, her craft space, her home away from home, her hang out when she has friends over, her sanctuary, and possibly her sanity.

The She Shed below was built for a woman in Lakeland, Florida. She wanted a craft room where she could also bring friends to work on projects together, or simply get together and socialize.

While this She Shed was designed as a craft and relaxation room, the possibilities of the 12′ x 30′ shed are truly endless. The outside of the shed is the same as any other (pictured below), but as you can tell, the indoors are clearly another story.

Three Benefits of She Sheds vs. Home Additions

  1. Cost – There are many benefits to utilizing a storage shed for an extra room, but the benefit most people are concerned about is cost. This finished 12’x30′ craft and relaxation room will cost about $15-$20K, depending on how handy the owner is. Cost per square foot on a shed conversion averages $40-$55 per square foot, while a typical home addition in Florida averages $120 per square foot, saving you more than half the cost and much less time.
  2. Time – Speaking of which, time is the second benefit of choosing storage sheds for your additional space. Conservatively, a home addition will take 6-12 months where a storage shed conversion will only take 60-90 days. That’s a huge difference, especially when the 6-12 month home addition is a duration of inconvenience and aggravation.
  3. Convenience – Our final benefit is convenience. If you’ve ever lived in a home while an addition is being built, you know the strain it puts on your life and the thought of living in drywall dust makes you cringe. Even with plastic sheets abound, drywall dust tends to work its way into every nook and cranny of your home, your kitchen, and your life. There’s serious value to having your new addition outside, and keeping your current lifestyle and home completely unscathed.

Whether you’re looking to expand your living space, storage space, crafting space, or sanity space, Shed4Less can help. Call us today at 863-644-8271 or email for additional information.

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are the modest structures, which are constructed as the attachment to the home, for storing the supplies that are also used occasionally. In adding up to the tools and equipment, they can also accommodate items, which are unwanted in house as well as might also be useful in future. Generally made of the prefabricated metals sheds are the buildings that are also used primarily in order to store the unused household articles, which may be, used a little bit in future. They may hold various hardware articles, the vessels, the plaything, the sports goods, or the junk.

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Storage Sheds For Safe Storage of Valuables

Having a lifetime outdoor storage shed is a cost-effective way to store overstock and rarely used items. There are many obvious reasons why lifetime sheds are the best choice. Built to last long using finest quality polyethylene materials, they provide maximum protection to the stored items from rain, dust, snow, wind, sunlight and other climatic exposure. They don’t just provide safe storage of goods, but also serve the decorative purpose. Additional features include durability, easy installation and cost-effectiveness. The best thing about these sheds is that they require no maintenance cost after installation. These sheds come in various sizes, shapes, designs and price range. You can also extend their size to meet your future storage needs with minimal labor and cost.

Sheds Long Lasting Benefits

It’s really hard to believe, but an outdoor metal shed can actually resolve you space uncertainties and get your home in organized manner within a few weeks. A quick research on the net will show you why garden metal sheds are much better storage space resolutions. The greatest thing is that you can wish for it as a place for your hobbies and even as a small office. Yes, you can restore it, turning it into a relaxing and peaceful place where you can properly sit down and think. It is not necessary to have a large hut in front of your house. If there is a space only for placing a small carton then you could place garden metal sheds and improve the entire scenario of your house. By constructing a waste room outer surface of your house you could maintain your home neat and clean. Most importantly, use your Garden Metal Sheds to make a immense vision to your backyard. Of course, just place a bench, two or three comfortable and pleasant chairs and place a window, and you have an additional bedroom for you and your visitors. Well, think even covering it with climbing plants, as well as shortly it will become the central point of your backyard.

Low Cost Storage to Store Excess Inventory

Excess inventory at home or office can consume a lot of space. Imagine your drawing room occupied with winter equipment and a spare treadmill with absolutely no place for guests to sit. If unexpected guests arrive, you can be in a dilemma over how to make your home presentable. However, a house in such a condition cannot be made presentable in a mere 2 minutes. You need a proper storage space where these goods can be kept until they are not in use. Once you need them, you can get them out of the storage. You should look for a storage building to house excess inventory and seasonal items. Storage buildings, or a storage shed, are huge enough and provide enough space for a car to drive inside!

Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are the modest structures, which are constructed as the attachment to the home, for storing the supplies that are also used occasionally. In adding up to the tools and equipment, they can also accommodate items, which are unwanted in house as well as might also be useful in future. Storage sheds can also be permanent or else portable. The Permanent storage sheds is also made of the wood, metal, the concrete or else masonry block are eternally fixed to the ground. Generally made of the prefabricated metals, the Portable type of the storage sheds can also be moved from one place to another. Storage sheds are also constructed on the high ground, far from the wet areas. Storage sheds are the buildings that are also used primarily in order to store the unused household articles, which may be, used a little bit in future. They may hold various hardware articles, the vessels, the plaything, the sports goods, or the junk. As storage space sheds are also used chiefly as the storehouses, they are the devoid of furniture, expect maybe a few wall cupboards as well as racks or the simply shelves close to their walls. These shed have the small windows as well as the double hinged-doors, which are designed to be broad enough to make easy moving equipment out of them. The storage sheds do not have much of the lighting as well as ventilation. It is extremely important to contain pest control done in the storage sheds, as they can be the breeding ground for the insects and rodents.

Garden Sheds – For Job & Play

Did you understand that yard sheds make outstanding play houses? They are likewise remarkable for organizing your gardening devices. Lots of people utilize yard sheds as elegant greenhouses to display their preferred plants and also shrubs. There are various uses for garden sheds lakeland including a household area for games as well as enjoyable without having to leave home. You will locate these buildings being made use of for more than merely gardening. An additional excellent usage for garden sheds is play houses. Numerous garden sheds are offered in various plastic type materials. This makes them very easy to tidy and preserve while youngsters are totally free to invest many hrs outside utilizing their imaginations. These kinds of yard sheds will assimilate perfectly with the bordering landscape as well as compliment the house as opposed to being invasive and an eye sore. Focus on the family members is essential to lots of people. Yard sheds lakeland are enhancing in appeal to be an area for family to collect to get away from the residence without in fact leaving the residential property. A lot of these structures are developed into recreation areas without taking up important space inside the residence. It is tons of enjoyable to gather the household in this modernized yard sheds for video games, ping pong, swimming pool or even some karaoke. As you can see, there are numerous usages for yard sheds other than the conventional storage of garden devices and lawn tools. With so many choices in materials, layouts and personalization, there are numerous methods to benefit from yard sheds.

Garden Shed For Your Yard

A lot of home owners realize that of one of the most vital parts of your home is the storage room. While some think that storage room will certainly just boost mess because you know you can maintain them rather than throwing them, numerous still consider that there are some important things in your home that ought to be kept. You should simply limit things that you store in your shed so it wouldn’t resemble a complete mess. Arrange the things in the best area and also placed similar things together. A huge garden shed lakeland can house everything from huge devices and also huge and also old furniture to yard devices as well as other small items. You can change the shapes and size of your garden lost relying on your need. Whether you are short or high, the height of your garden shed. This way, you can be able to hang anything like plants, lights or design without bumping your head right into it. You could create your shed any kind of size or size you desire, a big yard shed lakeland can hold can store every little thing that you need to store.

Superior Sheds

Sheds is awesome when it comes to carry a range of benefits as compared to various other kinds of storage building constructed for outdoor use. In general, these sheds are available in all different sizes so as to store a little or a lot. The fact is that you can utilize one of these structures for all kinds of storage needs. For instance, it is quite possible for you to store gardening tools and implements, supplies for your vehicle, bicycles, tools there and that is just for starters. Yes, I would say that make even more room by hanging hooks or shelves in order to utilize the vertical space. Metal storage sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles which are long lasting and impervious to damage from climate conditions. shed is pre-finished in the factory which is how these products stand up to the weather. If you reside in a consistently humid climate, then metal may not be for you as it may rust more quickly regardless of the finish. Well, in such conditions, you can consider using wood or vinyl instead. Personally speaking, these are preferred choices that work beautifully regardless of the average heat and humidity level. Vinyl is a widely popular material for housing also since it can give the classic look of wood with much less upkeep, easier installation and a lower overall cost.

Storage Space Sheds

Our variety of storage sheds is flexible, and also an easy system enables them to be tailored for a wide variety of different purposes.Shed lakeland this allows you to purchase the specific option that you need to ensure that you can obtain the added room that your business demands without needing to compromise on the high quality of safety that you get due to the fact that you can not get the kind of structure that you really require. A multi purpose building system suggests that a selection of various objectives can be achieved from a single standard framework and you can just specify the purpose of your building at the time of ordering, and we will certainly have the ability to provide the exact structure that you require from a variety of various choices.