Three Reasons She Sheds Are Better Than Home Additions

Have you wondered why so many people are talking about Cheryl and her She Shed? The new commercial from State Farm Insurance shows a woman (Cheryl) who’s clearly upset that her She Shed is on fire.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing one of our finished She Sheds, you’d understand why Cheryl is so upset. Cheryl may have lost her art room, her craft space, her home away from home, her hang out when she has friends over, her sanctuary, and possibly her sanity.

The She Shed below was built for a woman in Lakeland, Florida. She wanted a craft room where she could also bring friends to work on projects together, or simply get together and socialize.

While this She Shed was designed as a craft and relaxation room, the possibilities of the 12′ x 30′ shed are truly endless. The outside of the shed is the same as any other (pictured below), but as you can tell, the indoors are clearly another story.

Three Benefits of She Sheds vs. Home Additions

  1. Cost – There are many benefits to utilizing a storage shed for an extra room, but the benefit most people are concerned about is cost. This finished 12’x30′ craft and relaxation room will cost about $15-$20K, depending on how handy the owner is. Cost per square foot on a shed conversion averages $40-$55 per square foot, while a typical home addition in Florida averages $120 per square foot, saving you more than half the cost and much less time.
  2. Time – Speaking of which, time is the second benefit of choosing storage sheds for your additional space. Conservatively, a home addition will take 6-12 months where a storage shed conversion will only take 60-90 days. That’s a huge difference, especially when the 6-12 month home addition is a duration of inconvenience and aggravation.
  3. Convenience – Our final benefit is convenience. If you’ve ever lived in a home while an addition is being built, you know the strain it puts on your life and the thought of living in drywall dust makes you cringe. Even with plastic sheets abound, drywall dust tends to work its way into every nook and cranny of your home, your kitchen, and your life. There’s serious value to having your new addition outside, and keeping your current lifestyle and home completely unscathed.

Whether you’re looking to expand your living space, storage space, crafting space, or sanity space, Shed4Less can help. Call us today at 863-644-8271 or email for additional information.