What to Look for When Buying a High-Quality Steel Building

What to Look for When Buying a High-Quality Steel Building

If you’re in need of a standard-sized, or custom-designed high-quality steel building, Shed4Less can help. Our full-service sales team is available to help you design and customize the building to your exact needs and specifications.

As we live in Florida, quality, durability, and strength are mandatory components in the steel building industry. Therefore, we only partner with vendors that supply us with the highest quality products. Central Florida Steel Buildings & Supply is one of those companies.

Shed4Less is proud to be an authorized dealer for Central Florida Steel Buildings as their buildings provide the following benefits:

  1. They use 2”x3” tubular steel instead of 2.25”x2.25” square tubular steel. This provides a higher tensile strength of 55,000 psi, which means it would literally take over 55,000 pounds per square inch to rip or tear this steel.
  2. All tresses and base rails use a 360-degree continuous weld, which is way above and beyond the required 180-degree weld. This makes the structure much less likely to crack or stress.
  3. All doors are constructed from vinyl laminated galvanized steel making it more resistant to dents and scratches. They’re also equipped with a heavy-duty aluminum frame ensuring stability, safety, and security. The folded edge blocks air, light and water penetration, highly efficient polyurethane foam insulation with high R-Values, adjustable striker plates and both the frame and door are deadbolt prepped. 
  4. The windows are engineered to last as they’re constructed with heavier and stronger aluminum than most brands. In addition, the powder coat paint finish provides durability, resistance to scratching and corrosion, and color retention.
  5. The owners, Mike Martin and Brice Pritchett have over 50 years combined experience in the industry.
  6. They’re local in Florida and provide impeccable service.

As you can see, the custom-designed steel building we built in the images was converted into horse stables.

All in all, we take pride in providing Florida with tremendous quality and service. Whether you’re in need of a residential or commercial shed or steel building, Shed4Less can help. Contact us today at 863-644-8271 or email Sales@shed4less.com.