Why Superior Sheds?

Why Superior Sheds?

If you’re going to buy a storage shed in Florida, why wouldn’t you buy a storage shed made specifically to withstand the Florida weather?

Shed4Less is proud to use the #1 Shed Manufacturer in Florida, Superior Sheds. As they have built and installed over 100,000 sheds in the Sunshine State, they don’t just make sheds to MEET State Regulations, they build sheds to EXCEED State Regulations.

Exceed Wind Resistance of 180 MPH!

For example, Superior Sheds are built to withstand 180 mph which is the highest rated wind load possible. They are also Miami-Dade County Approved, which should say a lot. To give you an idea on how strong this is, the Lifetime 8 ft. x 15 ft. Storage Shed from Home Depot costs $1,427.23 and has a maximum wind resistance of 65 mph.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Florida just finished 2018 with 15 named storms and eight hurricanes, two of which were major storms of a Category 3 or higher and a wind speed of at least 111mph. This is above the average of 12 storms, six hurricanes, and only two being major. Regardless of the history, it’s clearly noted that the Lifetime shed with a maximum wind resistance of 65 mph, would be sailing over your neighbors lawn.

Save up to $80 per square foot!

As the standard cost per square foot on a shed conversion averages $40-$55 per square foot, and a typical home addition in Florida averages $120 per square foot, it’s no wonder customers are now choosing sheds over home additions. When you combine the savings in cost with the uncompromised quality of Superior Sheds, purchasing a shed is by far the most economical choice.

Image provided by SuperiorSheds.com

Whether you’re looking for a Bungalow, Cabana, Country Inn, or Double/Triple Wide, Superior Sheds offer a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. Contact Shed4Less today for additional information on how your property can be enhanced by Superior Sheds. Call us today at 863-644-8271 or email Sales@shed4less.com for additional information.